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Wind Turbines

Outback Energy Supply a wide range of wind turbines that are suitable for fixed applications for remote area power and or grid connected applications. Not all sites are suitable for wind generation applications; please contact us for advice and guidance regarding the installation of wind turbines at your site.

Soma 400-1000 watt Wind Turbines

Australian made two bladed simple and robust construction small wind turbine, a very robust unit that we have had in service with many customers for well over a decade. Suitable for on and off grid purposes.

Sonkyo Wind Turbine

Spanish made wind turbine range including 1.5 – 3.5 and 7.5 kW wind turbines, featuring advanced blade pitch control, quality construction and very quiet operation these units are suitable for both off grid and grid connected applications.

Small Wind Turbines

LVM - Ampair Turbines

We also provide a range of smaller robust turbines for mobile applications and smaller loads, contact Outback Energy Supply for detailed information about the options that are available.

Wind Turbine towers

From simple pipe construction to engineered wind turbine towers, Outback Energy Supply has the solution for your wind turbine to ensure it continues to generate power safely for many years to come.

We select our towers on their robust engineering and ability to be lowered with the minimum of labour and expensive machinery, enabling regular maintenance and cyclone preparedness to be conducted as cheaply as possible.