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Whatever the application, batteries are utilised on a daily basis in the modern world. We supply the following services and products;

  • Sealed lead acid batteries

  • Specialty batteries
  • Deep cycle batteries
  • Industrial battery systems

  • Dual battery systems

  • Onsite battery maintenance programs

Battery Accessories

We have everything, from simple battery boxes, maintenance kits incorporating hydrometers and protective equipment, terminal attachments, cable etc, everything required to connect and safely maintain your battery bank, from the simplest flooded lead acid battery to the largest of the deep cycle banks.

Battery Chargers

All batteries require the correct maintenance to ensure that a long service life is available and that the functionality of equipment operation is not compromised. This involves the utilisation of the correct charging regime.
Outback Energy Supply has the knowledge and the supply solutions to provide the correct charger and maintenance regime to maximise your batteries' functional service life. To further explore our range of solutions, please contact us.