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Inverters fulfill the role of connecting the electrical energy stored in a battery bank or generated by renewable energy sources to be converted into seamless high quality 240 volt or 415 volt alternating current.

The high quality sine wave units that Outback Energy Supply recommend and utilise, feature continuous output capabilities from as low as 200 watts, 240v up to 63 kW watt , 3-phase power.

For off grid remote applications, we recommend the world class products produced by the following Australian manufacturers, Selectronics and Latronics. These quality Australian companies design, manufacture and assemble their quality products in Australia for Australian conditions, with outstanding support service. We believe their products are second to none.

For grid connected solar application, our grid kits incorporate high standard SMA German manufactured inverters. The German grid connect market is the biggest market in the world, SMA inverters have the highest penetration of all grid connect inverters.

ABB, Fronius, Enphase, Delta and Growatt are just afew off the other world leading inverter brands that we have found to offer a high degree of reliability and support.


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