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Regulators are utilised to ensure that the output of the solar panels provide the correct charging voltage and current to maintain the battery at the optimum state of charge.

With MPPT regulators we can utilise competitively priced large area solar panels for many applications, or supply a simple traditional PWM or shunt regulator.

We recommend and utilise the top selling regulators utilising MPPT technology and PWM regulators from a number of worldwide suppliers.

To further explore our range of solutions, please contact us.

Refridgeration - AUTOFRIDGE

When utilising solar panels or a single car battery to generate the electricity required, we recommend the Autofridge due to its extremely low power consumption and ability to maintain temperature for many days without power. The Autofridge is preferred by medical staff working in remote areas, due to this feature.

We do not recommend utilising 3 way fridges when operating off solar, due to the high power consumption of these units.

Dual battery systems

We do recommend as a first step, to install a dual battery system that features a good quality deep cycle battery to provide a reliable power supply for your appliances, these units also provide protection for your engine starting battery, maintaining a full state of charge at all times.