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Outback Power Packs

The Outback Power Pack™ has been continually designed and modified since 2004, combining solar, small wind and diesel generation in the smallest possible footprint with the driving aim from the team at Outback Energy to continually improve the build quality and the reliability of our product, whilst maintaining our leading edge price competitive product.

Winner People's Choice Award New Inventors 2010

Exceptional Quality

By ensuring that your future power system is an Outback Power Pack™ from Outback Energy you will be secure in the knowledge that you have the highest quality product of its type available.

Outback Power Pack installed December 2010,
4.5kW Solar Array with 1kW Soma Wind Turbine
Selectronics Inverter and Exide Battery Bank

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Easy Installation

The Outback Power Pack™ comes to your property pretested and certified with the majority of the installation completed; all that is required on site is to fit or fold out the solar panels and or wind turbine, electrically connect the system to your premises,  switch on the seamless 240 volt AC power. Minimum onsite time by the Outback Energy team is required; this results in minimal accommodation and meal expenses. There is no crane required to erect the wind turbine, no digging or concreting of deep foundations required, you may need to trench for your power supply from the Outback Power Pack™ to your premises, or from an existing generator to the Outback Power Pack.

Long Lasting

With full engineering certification available for every wind speed zone in Australia, only the highest quality components and individual design for your usage patterns your Outback Power Pack will be still working many years into the future.