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Off Grid Renewables

Our off grid renewable energy systems, whilst incorporating cutting edge technologies and constructed to the latest Australian Standards, are basically simple in concept.

For off-grid remote systems, the solar and/or wind generation source is utilised for the charging of a battery bank. The stored DC power is then converted into very high quality 240v or 415 volt AC electricity. A diesel generator is traditionally utilised to provide supplementary battery charging and, when required, load support.


We are specialists when it comes off the grid incorporating DC based or AC couple systems. By applying effective energy efficiency measures at the same time, enormous savings of fossil fuel use and reductions in greenhouse gas emissions of many tonnes are achievable; the savings effected result in payback times of only a few years.

Remote area power systems

Remote area power systems are utilised for many purposes. Some examples include;

  • Telemetry systems
  • Data logging
  • Communications
  • Water pumping
  • Homestead power
  • Camp power
  • Large facility
  • Remote community power