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Solar Products

Solar Hot Water

Installing a solar water heater can greatly reduce your electricity bills. By using energy from the sun you can heat your water at no expense! Best of all, using solar energy to heat water does not produce any harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

Outback Energy Supply have partnered with Apricus Australia, Australia’s leading evacuated tube solar hot water supplier. Together we aim to provide solar hot water systems that are of the highest quality, competitively priced, and all backed by superior after-sales service and warranties.

Why is Apricus the first choice for solar hot water?

  • 15-Year warranty on roof collectors
  • 15-Year warranty on stainless steel storage tanks
  • 10-Year warranty on glass lined storage tanks
  • Lightweight, no cranes or re-enforcing required
  • Frost protected, without the use of glycol

Apricus solar hot water systems are suitable for use in a number of applications including: residential hot water, commercial hot water, under-floor and hydronic heating (whole-home heating), large-scale pool heating and more.

If you would like more information on Apricus solar hot water systems please contact us or visit Apricus’s website at

Residential Systems

Residential solar hot water systems can save you money.

Australians around the country are taking advantage of an investment in solar hot water. At [Company Name] we sell and install Apricus’s solar evacuated tube systems, currently one of the most efficient and cost-effective solar technologies on the market.

Standard domestic hot water can cost upwards of $600 per year in electricity. Solar hot water systems harness light and heat directly from the sun, a renewable, free source of energy, to dramatically reduce electricity consumption.

Government subsidies and solar hot water rebates are also helping to offset the cost of purchase and installation. Now is a better time than ever to invest in a solar hot water solution for your house.

Apricus solar hot water systems are of the highest quality and comply with all Australian and International standards. Apricus systems also come with industry leading warranties of up to 15 years!

For a full list of our residential solar hot water systems, please get in contact with us at 9022 2000.

Commercial Systems

Commercial enterprises are taking advantage of solar hot water to save on costs and promote their social responsibility.

For commercial use, Outback Energy Supply recommends Apricus’s solar hot water systems. Apricus’s solar evacuated tube system is one of the most efficient and high-quality products on the market.

Solar evacuated tubes are characterised by their potential for long-term savings. By offsetting electricity costs of heating water with free energy from the sun, the savings over time can be phenomenal.

Businesses around Australia adopt solar hot water heating technology for manufacturing and office use.

It’s about more than simple fiscal prudence. Solar hot water systems are a great way to demonstrate corporate responsibility towards the environment and community.

Contact us today at Outback Energy Supply to make an enquiry and show that your business cares about its impact on the environment with a commercial solar hot water system.